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Rogaliki with cranberries


  • 200 grams of coconut yoghurt

  • 200 grams of coconut spread

  • 7 cups of wholegrain spelt flour

  • 0.5 cup of dried cranberries, sweetened with apple juice

  • 1/4 teas spoon of baking soda


  • Get yourhurt and spread from the fridge 15 minutes before cooking.

  • Sprinkle 1 cup of flour on chopping board.

  • Place block of spread in the middle.

  • Sprinkle 1 cup of flout on top of spread.

  • Take butter knife and start chopping block of spread in vertical and horizontal directions, mixing with flour on the board.

  • During the process, keep adding remaining flour into the mixture until is you see that dough can easily fall of the knife and don't stick to it

  • Add coconut youghurt and knit the dough into smooth ball.

  • Split this ball into 5 equal pieces and make small balls out of them.

  • Put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

  • Preheat oven to 160C and line baking paper on a tray

  • Take dough balls one by one from the fridge, roll into flat circle and cut into 8 sectors like a pizza

  • Place 1-2 cranberries into wide side of the sector and roll up and place onto the tray

  • Once all dough is processed, put tray in the oven and bake for approx 20-25 minutes until slightly brown on a top

  • Cool down on cooling rack


Can keep in airtight container for 3 days

I used these great products for preparation of this delicious dessert

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