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Setting up the right expectations

There are some points that I usually run through on initial consultations. It might be a good idea if you read them before you book online. It is better to focus on you instead :)

There is no magic pills, that you can take for one month and hope that it will fix all your health issues. Pills can only cure the effects, not the cause.

There is no magic food either. There is nothing you can add to processed and fast food to make it good for you.

Healthy diet is a lifelong commitment. It works until you keep eating healthy.

Widely known alternatives to familiar food are not always better. Some of them are even worse then original product that you used to eat. Professional advice is need to pick the right replacement that meet your needs.

There is no generic meal plan that fits everyone. You can't find one on the internet and stick to it for the whole life. In order to get best outcome, you need to get personalized diet and keep updating it regularly with professional food coach.

Right food and supplements are more expensive, though it is slightly compensated by low pharmacy bills, productive work hours and accumulated sick leave.

Lots of health food can now be found in supermarkets, but you still need to spend some time to shop around in small stores. Online shopping can be a good alternative as everything can be found on internet with local deliveries.

It is not going to be easy change. You may need couple of iterations to get off unhealthy habits. Depending on your personal strength, there are various approaches to achieve your goal.

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