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Rational food choice for good

There is a common misconception that person on a healthy diet has something wrong with own health. Refuse to drink a glass of alcohol on a party - is your liver failing? Refuse to take a piece of cake - are you loosing weight?

Most of the diets you find are related to weight lost and almost every dieting practitioner on the web has a personal story on how healthy diet helped to overcome some disease. All this helped to create that myth. That idea might be the mainstream for past decades, but now we can see things started to change.

Taylor-made diet is not only the cure from many diseases, but also a "vaccination". People who eat healthy are thinking about their future. They refuse to drink alcohol, eat sweets and processed food because they understand all the impact it will have on their body. All the nasties from the food will accumulate over time and eventually cause natural body processes to fail.

It is never too late to start eating healthy. Improvements can be achieved at any age and personal circumstances.

Don't wait, start right now!

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