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Why do you need Invisalign diet?

Before I started my Invisalign course, I did my antioxidants tests. It was pretty good result which I am very proud of as a food coach. Over the time as treatment proceeds, I unintentionally changed my diet - I stopped having my snacks during the day, which were mostly raw fruits and veggies as they are hard to chew.

My follow up test in 3 month time showed dramatic decrease in antioxidants level - almost 20% from 96000 down to 75000. I switched to smoothies in order to keep my nutrients intake high. I also had to push myself hard to have my snacks and not to skip meals.

Smoothie is not the most convenient snack, especially if you are working in office. Good thing is that there are many shops around that can make you smoothie to your order, which are packed with goodness rather then dairy and sweeteners. Withing two weeks, my level jumped up to 79000.

Antioxidants is not the only thing that we need. Over the time, aligners create gaps withing your teeth. That makes it hard to properly chew protein rich food such as meet, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds etc. You also may notice that even soft food like pasta, soft fruits, even bread are rushed through.

Digestive process begins with chewing. Badly chewed food triggers variety of digestive issues like bloating, gas, IBS, stomach aches etc. It is important to have tailor made diet to minimize side effects of Invisalign. Easy to chew and digest meals will help you get through this journey and feel better and healthier.

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